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desktopI lately have been using a rather special theme as my desktop environment on all of my computers. And even on different instances of the same computer’s operating system (I am using Linux Ubuntu).

The theme is called Elegant Brit, and in my opinion (and obviously that of many other people) it is one of the most beautyful and simplistic styles I have ever seen as a desktop theme.

It mostly is made out of sharp edges, lots of black with white borders, giving high contrast and easy readability, and some primary colors in not too bright shades thrown in. The appropriate icons are simplified and reduced to their basic symbolism. A clean, yet nice to use theme for Linux.

Unfortunately it also isn’t really done yet. Or better: Right now it is just an collection of some stylistically fitting parts put together by some nice persons on the web. All those parts were put together with the same kind of style in mind, but there are some arguments about what parts exactly should be used together… Nevertheless, with some small tweaks my Gnome and XFCE (and even Open- and Fluxbox) desktops started to look amazingly un-Ubuntoid and far more stylish than usual.

Elegant Brit on GNOME-Look [link]

Elegant Brit on Google Code [link]

And in addition: Everlong Designs has some free WordPress themes inspired by the Elegant Brit design

Elegant Brit WordPress Designs [link]

Written by G. Neuner

31. December 2008 at 4:02 pm

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