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There is a kind of madness in the way some people start to blog.

No, this is not my first weblog, so I think I am immune to it, or at least able to comment on it.

It has something to do with all these sites which new bloggers how to do it right. Because, they tell them, YOU need to become the next A-Blogger or otherwise blogging is futile, just as it is with all these people who blog and never will earn anything with it. (They don’t want to call them dumbasses, but they would like to…)

Most interestingly those sites are those which actually get most hits from people who believe in what they say. And as those people believe them and see that those pages are successful they try to start sites like that as well, because the ARE obviously successful, repeating this circle ad infinitum.

And after a while the only “professional” pages one seems to come across are those by people writing about SEO and writing successful blogs.

Is this really it? What were blogs for originally? Writing about blogs?

Written by G. Neuner

24. December 2008 at 9:45 pm

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