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Feedburner is Google owned now?!

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I kind of missed out on that when it happened, obviously. But I just burned this blog’s feed in Feedburner and while I was at it, I had to notice that this nice little company from Chicago is not really a nice little company from Chicago anymore, but another part of the giant Google machine.

Yes, you can give me points for missing out the obvious… But I really did not notice this until a few minutes ago. I mean, I have been using Feedburner for years, with three other Blogs. But it always worked and so I forgot about it quickly.

At one point in the past I wouldn’t actually have minded something like that too much. Then Google came and bought more and more things which I considered nice gimmicks or useful services on the net.

Do I see a problem with that?

Well, maybe. It is annoying that all my data (and with Google it is literally all my data) are in the hands of one company. Call me paranoid, but I don’t like that. Most likely nothing will ever come out of that, but I still have a bad feeling about that. I mean seriously, look at what they did to DejaNews

Written by G. Neuner

31. December 2008 at 3:15 pm

Posted in Internet

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