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screenshot-twitterI never got into twitter that much. Maybe that was because I was blogging already and was able to put my thoughts into words there. Well, about 10 months after last updating that blog it might be time to give microblogging a new shot. After all, the reason why in the end I stopped blogging on both my previous more serious and my private blog was that I didn’t know what exactly to write on either one of them. One of them was too serious (I even went so far as to put down all the rights of the pictures I used), the other one much too personal. Because: if I have a thought about something I write it down. And then I make an article out of it. And then I added to the article.

The fun thing was: I got fans with that. It is seldom the case that anybody puts his feelings really into words and in the case of my personal blog I did. But on the other hand I got lots of criticism about the fact that I actually told people that much about me. Even though it was nearly completely anonymous. So, let’s try twittering again, which seems to be a viable alternative if I just want to hold that specific thought. And it is more exposed than facebook status messages as well. People on facebook often just don’t have any sense of humor. One can put so much effort into one-liners for that and still not even get a smile…

Written by G. Neuner

25. December 2008 at 12:57 pm

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